It doesn’t take long to find out who and what Ray Lumsden is. But there are so many layers to his life story, it is easy to get lost while trying to figure out what the truth is. Dozens of women, at minimum, have shared variations of parts of their stories on the internet with claims of swindling, assault, harassment and stalking. ┬áHe has been accused in the past of child molestation and was recently given 3 life sentences stacked for aggravated sexual assault of a minor. The horror couldn’t be more unimaginable.

I am working on a book after 20+ years of knowing of Ray and monitoring, I have dived in to immerse myself in all the information to tell the true story of Raymond Edward Lumsden. And since he is such a master of making you believe he is someone else, you can find more about me the Author at www.10-88officerdown.com.


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